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Friends Season 2 poster

Friends Season 2

The cult American TV series describes the life of bosom friends who have known each other for many years. Their friendship has already been tested in all sorts of ways. They meet, communicate, discuss everything: from joys to hardships, make plans for the future.
The friends ' favorite place is the Central Coffee Shop, where they have their own table, which no one even occupies, and they spend all their free time there, in each other's company, communicating and having fun. The characters are completely different: Monica, who has a bunch of failed novels behind her, she can not meet the man of her dreams, windy Rachel and Ross, Monica's brother, who is in love with her. Chandler, a fun-loving joker who never gets discouraged over nothing, Joey is a failed actor who never loses hope of becoming famous. And Phoebe, trusting and naive, composing songs, and considering herself very talented. Always has a couple of stories in store that make your friends ' hair stand on end.

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