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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 poster

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

One of the most beloved sitcoms returns to the screens with the fifteenth season. The project tells the audience about the daily misadventures of representatives of an Irish bar. The main characters are interesting and unique characters. They try to work for the benefit of the institution and for their own profit. It turns out with varying success. Several friends have already created an indestructible team that everyone likes, because each of the characters perfectly complements the crazy atmosphere that reigns in an Irish pub. Let's get to know them. Dennis is a typical young macho man who thinks he looks amazing. Handsome is very selfish, but this is what will become a problem for him. Charlie is a character who has already gone crazy because of what is happening in his life. Mac is a calm and balanced girl, but at the same time she is not very happy with her situation. She wants to be an actress. Among the characters, the assistant for business in the pub also actively stands out. Diandra is Dennis' sister. She is working hard at her current job, but at the same time she realizes that she wants to be a good actress. And I am sure that she will succeed. Meet Frank as well. This character appeared in a pub not so long ago. He has already told everyone that he was in Vietnam. However, many people incorrectly perceive this information, since the main character got there in the nineties and was engaged in trying to establish an underground fabric production.

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